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The Kahlert Foundation Provides $10,000 Grant to Project Opportunity

The Kahlert Foundatino

Project OpportunitySM was awarded a grant in the amount of $10,000.00 from the Kahlert Foundation to fund our Howard County Spring 2020 Class.

“Funding for Project OpportunitySM is key to our success in supporting military personnel transitioning to the business world as they learn what it takes to start their own businesses,” said Army Master Sergeant. (retired) and founder of Project OpportunitySM, Joe Giordano. “We are very grateful to the Kahlert Foundation for their generous grant and continued support so that we may continue to offer this program at no cost to those veterans and military personnel selected to participate.”

Project OpportunitySM is a free entrepreneurship training program which has been designed solely for veterans, active duty, and reserve personnel who want to start a small business. The prerequisite for those who wish to be considered to participate is they must have a solid idea of what business venture they want to start because the course is designed to develop and complete a comprehensive business plan instead of exploring the possibility of entrepreneurship. The program is a 10 week (30 hour) intensive cohort style course designed to prepare participants to research and complete a business plan.

The program also accepts veterans who have a small business and are looking to expand. The prerequisite for these candidates is they must demonstrate the need to expand their marketing efforts or the need to review and revise their financial plan.

Project OpportunitySM was awarded the Veteran Small Business Champion Award by the SBA Baltimore District Office in 2014. It provides veterans an alternative to traditional employment and offers them a chance to hone and utilize the skills and training they received while on active duty.  Entrepreneurship is an excellent path for many veterans to choose and we are looking to expand our course offerings in the State of Maryland.

Project OpportunitySM has had a total of 54 businesses registered with the Maryland Department of Business and Taxation creating a total of 206 jobs.