Project Opportunity was recently interviewed on WMDT

Project Opportunity is a free entrepreneurship training program which has been designed solely for veterans who want to start their own business.  The prerequisite for veterans who wish to be considered to participate is they must have a solid idea of what business venture they want to start because the course is designed to develop and complete a comprehensive business plan instead of just exploring the possibility of entrepreneurship. The program is a 10 week (30 hour) intensive course designed to prepare participants to research and complete a business plan. 

We utilize the NxLevel Curriculum which is a nationally recognized entrepreneurship training program and supplement the course material with presentations by subject matter experts in topics such as Marketing Plans, Cash Flow Analysis, the 5 C’s of Credit, Commercial Insurance, both a tax based and legal based review of the four business entities, Crowd funding, Web Site Design, and procurement opportunities on the state and federal levels for veteran owned businesses.

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