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Project OpportunitySM Awarded $13,000 Sponsorship from PNC Bank

PNC Bank

SALISBURY, Md., April 10, 2019 – Project OpportunitySM, an entrepreneurship training program for veterans, active duty and reserve military personnel announced today that it has received $13,000 from PNC Bank’s Community Development Banking (CDB) Department as a sponsorship to support Project OpportunitySM entrepreneurship classes in 2019.

“Funding for Project OpportunitySM is key to our success in supporting military personnel transitioning to the business world as they learn what it takes to start their own businesses,” said Army Master Sergeant (Retired) and founder of Project OpportunitySM, Joe Giordano. “We are very grateful to PNC for their generous  sponsorship to help us do just that so that we may continue to offer this program at no cost to those veterans and military personnel selected to participate.”

CDB is a distinct line of business within PNC’s retail bank that is primarily engaged in activities that strengthen low- to moderate-income (LMI) people and geographies. CDB is the primary interface with organizations engaged in affordable housing, economic development, financial education, community services for LMI individuals and revitalization and stabilization of LMI areas. It is imperative that PNC Bank provide entrepreneurs a strong foundation as they seek to become successful, small business owners.

 About Project Opportunity

Project OpportunitySM is a free entrepreneurship training program for active duty military and veterans who want to start their own businesses. The ten-week (30 hour) intensive course is designed to prepare veterans to research and complete a business plan. Founded on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2010, Project OpportunitySM has since expanded to Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Howard County, Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland. Contributions from county economic development authorities, local banks, private foundations, and fraternal organizations help ensure that the classes are free to veteran participants.