Episode 197: The Challenges of Becoming a Veteran Entrepreneur; Myths, Hacks, Tips, and Resources to Win with Joe Giordano – The Ambitions Vet Show 

In this episode, Joe Giordano, retired Army Master Sergeant and founder of Project Opportunity- a free ten-week entrepreneurship training program for veterans based in Salisbury, Maryland shares the challenges to overcome to become a successful veteran entrepreneur. In a world where entrepreneurship is COOL, to be a true success it goes deeper than just an idea. We discuss things like, business plans and the components of them i.e. market research, financial modeling, SWOT analysis, and competitor analysis. Along with how to test your assumptions of product market fit and forecasted revenue growth and fundraising.

By the end of this one Ambitious VET, you will understand what it takes to be a TRUE veteran entrepreneur and why it’s important to take programs like Project OpportunitySM to ensure you aren’t wasting your time or resources on a pathway with no GOLD at the end of the tunnel!