SALISBURY, Md., April 1, 2021 – Project OpportunitySM, an entrepreneurship training program for active-duty military, reserve personnel, and veterans who reside or are stationed in Maryland, announced today that it has formed an Entrepreneurial Partnership with Chow Corp. (“Chow”) to provide vocational and business formation / planning education to participants in Chow’s Food Truck Fellowship.

“Project OpportunitySM is excited to begin working with Chow Corp. to afford those veterans and military spouses enrolled in their program business plan preparation and business planning tools and resources said Joe Giordano, Retired US Army Master Sergeant and Founder of Project Opportunity”.

“Chow partnered with Project OpportunitySM because it is the perfect capstone for our Food Truck Fellowship. Chow is rethinking vocational training. Our Fellows are on a track to become business owners in the culinary industry. With Project Opportunity’s help, it is only a matter of time before a Chow Fellow becomes a James Beard Award winner,” said Jordan Foley, Founder and CEO of Chow and active-duty Navy Officer.

Chow has partnered with Project OpportunitySM, a free entrepreneurship training program designed for veterans, active duty, reserve personnel, and military spouses who want to start their own business or expand their current small business. Chow’s Fellows will concurrently and after completion of the Food Truck Training Program enroll in Project Opportunity. Chow offers the vocational culinary experience and Project OpportunitySM provides the business skills. This partnership is a major step in preparing Chow’s Fellows for successful business ownership in the culinary industry!

About Project Opportunity

Project OpportunitySM is a free entrepreneurship training program for active military and veterans who want to start their own businesses. The ten-week (30 hour) intensive course is designed to prepare veterans to research and complete a business plan. Founded on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2010, Project OpportunitySM has since expanded to Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland. Contributions from county economic development authorities, local banks, fraternal organizations and private foundations help ensure that the classes are free to veteran participants. To learn more, visit