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SALISBURY, Md., November 17, 2020 – Project OpportunitySM, an entrepreneurship training program for active duty military, reserve personnel, and veterans who reside or are stationed in Maryland, announced today that it has formed an Educational Partnership with Pitch Creator to provide the Pitch Creator Foundation Course to program graduates to assist them in preparing for the Project OpportunitySM Annual Business Pitch Competition

“This partnership with Pitch Creator will allow our graduates the opportunity to enroll in and complete the Pitch Creator Foundation Course which will help them learn how to communicate with investors and raise capital,” said Army Master Sergeant (Retired) and Founder of Project OpportunitySM Joe Giordano.

“Project OpportunitySM graduates who wish to compete in the Project OpportunitySM Business Pitch Competition will be able to utilize the Pitch Creator Foundation Course in conjunction with three (3) hours of individual coaching/mentoring by our facilitators and selected subject matter experts to develop their business deck and pitch “Giordano stated.

“We believe business pitch competitions are an opportunity for experiential learning that is important for entrepreneurs and are honored to be part of the amazing work that Project OpportunitySM is doing with active-duty military and reserve personnel, and veterans, throughout Maryland,” said Jason Tagler, Founder of Pitch Creator.

About Project Opportunity

Established 2010, Project OpportunitySM has graduated more than 300 military personnel, veterans, and military spouses  from classes held throughout Maryland.

Project OpportunitySM is a free entrepreneurship training program for active duty military and reserve personnel and veterans who want to start their own businesses or expand a current small business. The ten-week (30 hour) intensive course is designed to prepare veterans to research and complete a business plan. Founded on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2010, Project OpportunitySM has since expanded to Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Prince George’s County, Southern Maryland, and Harford County.  Contributions from county economic development authorities, local banks, fraternal organizations and private foundations help ensure that the classes are free to veteran participants. To learn more, visit

About Pitch Creator

Pitch Creator’s mission is to help create jobs in geographic areas that need them the most by teaching entrepreneurs how to communicate with investors and raise growth capital for their businesses. We do that through our “education platform,” which is a combination of our website, free resources, online courses, presentations, workshops, and related services.

Pitch Creator is a social impact organization and our financial goal is to be cashflow break even (zero profit) each year. Please see our About page to learn more.