Project OpportunitySM – Featured Success Story

Phillip Scott - J.E.T. Seal

Phillip Scott

J.E.T Seal Services, LLC

Business Name: J.E.T Seal Services, LLC.

What was the most important thing you learned during Project Opportunity?:
During Project OpportunitySM I was able to reevaluate my strengths and weaknesses around the business management side of my business. Once I acknowledge my weaknesses, I was able to fill that gap by building a strategic partnership with The Goddard Companies. The Goddard Company manages all of the financial, legal, and business managerial functions for us. This allows me to focus on my strength which is managing and overseeing the contracted work.

What successes have you had since completing Project Opportunity?:
Since completing Project OpportunitySM and building my partnership J.E.T Seal has had tremendous growth. We closed out 2020 with $1Million in revenue. We went from one truck and one tank to four trucks, two tanks, and one bulk tank. We have also purchased a commercial building to move J.E.T Seal operation from a home-based office to a brick-and-mortar operation. We also went from owner operator with an occasional part time employee or sub-contractor to six year-round full-time employees. We are building the legacy business I wanted to build for my sons.