Project OpportunitySM – Featured Success Story

Monifa Caines - Queen of Spades Style, LLC

Monifa Caines

Queen of Spades Style, LLC

Business Name: Queen of Spades Style, LLC.

Owners: Monifa Caines

What was the most important thing you learned during Project Opportunity?:
At every stage of my business I want to continue learning. I was past the stage of start up but wanted to learn more about growth. Project OpportunitySM helped me take a deep dive into my business, pivot, revamp and build on actionable items that will help me be more successful.

What successes have you had since completing Project Opportunity?:
Since completing Project OpportunitySM, I have increased my social media presence, sales increased, I am successful at various pop ups, I am a finalist for The Veteran Shark Tank competition, and I was selected to be a part of The Workshop at Macy’s 2021 program.