Project OpportunitySM – Featured Success Story

Lindsay Kinslow

Optimal Business Solutions, LLC.

Business Name: Optimal Business Solutions, LLC.

What was the most important thing you learned during Project Opportunity?:
Project OpportunitySM taught me the power of business strategy and collaboration in building a successful and sustainable business. With a solid business strategy, I learned to identify my target market, understand my competition, and develop a unique value proposition, as well as financial management, marketing, and customer service. Collaboration was also critical, as the Project OpportunitySM community provided me with a network of mentors and peers who helped me identify blind spots, address challenges, and take advantage of opportunities.

What successes have you had since completing Project Opportunity?:
Since completing Project OpportunitySM, Optimal has demonstrated impressive growth and impact in the business world. Optimal won $5,000 from Project Opportunity’s Annual Business Pitch Competition, obtained Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Certification, established a team of business advisors, formed partnerships, published a book, subcontracted with Onward Empowerment Group, and launched workshops to share knowledge.