Project OpportunitySM – Featured Success Story

Krystal Waters Howard

Krystal Waters Howard

Sky Krystal Krafts

Business Name: Sky Krystal Krafts

What was the most important thing you learned during Project Opportunity?:
This opportunity has provided me with essential training and coaching in entrepreneurship, as well as a supportive veteran community. With the knowledge and advice from my mentor, I remained determined and confidently went after business contracts.

What successes have you had since completing Project Opportunity?:
By engaging in veteran networking and with continuous mentorship, I’ve secured an important contract that enhances my business strategy and received funding that will be used to develop art healing training program(s) in a team setting, while also providing veteran-inspired graphics. This new program will provide a creative nurturing and innovative space, fostering both new and experienced business leaders. This approach, which includes developing creative talents and cutting-edge technology, has the potential to be immensely beneficial for everyone, especially veterans.