One Tree Orchard, LLC

One Tree Orchard, LLC

Business Information:

Name: One Tree Orchard, LLC .
Address: 49588 Will’s Road, PO Box #32, Dameron, MD 20628
County Location: St. Mary’s
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (301) 481-8869

Project OpportunitySM Information: Rita Weaver, Southern Maryland, Spring 2016 Class

Business Description:

One Tree Orchard, LLC. is located in St. Mary’s County, MD along the beautiful St. Jerome’s Creek. We not only raise Nubian Dairy Goats, but also grow a variety of berries. All soap is made with milk from our Nubian Dairy Goats here on our farm. Each batch is handmade and will vary in shape, color, and size. No artificial colors, dyes, or fragrance are used in my products. All my soaps are made with Gluten Free products.

Certifications or Licensure:

  • American Dairy Goat Association

Additional Business Owner Information:

  • Served in US Army Reserve 2 years in Supply
  • Navy Active Duty 8 years in Aviation Supply.