GDS Consulting

Business Information:

Name: GDS Consulting
Address: 3945 Doe Run Drive, Salisbury, Maryland 21804
County Location: Wicomico
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (410) 334-6000

Project OpportunitySM Information: Glenn Sheridan, Eastern Shore 2015 Class

Business Description:

GDS Consulting provides employee training to the military, law enforcement agencies, and theft prevention personnel. Our services improved the performance and ability of your personnel to physical control and restraint persons needing control measures, cuffing prior to the arrest and or compliance while incarcerated. The GDS “train the trainer” is a one to one course that improves the agencies “suspect compliance and control measures” by introducing repeatable and effective set of techniques.

Certifications or Licensure:

  • Master Level Training Chinese Martial Arts
  • Subject Matter Expert in Empty Hand Fighting, Weapon
  • Personal Security Protection Trainer
  • Masters Degree in Healthcare Management, Business Administration and Organizational Management and Development