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2021 Project OpportunitySM Graduation, Prince George’s County – Fall

PRINCE GEORGE’S FALL 2021 CLASS – After the completion of the orientation session and telephonic screening assessments a total of twelve (12) veterans were accepted into the program. Here is a summary of their business ventures:

  • X-Ray State Inspection
  • Youth Shelter
  • Competitive Educational Consulting
  • Barber/Cosmetology
  • IT Consulting and Training
  • HVAC
  • Spa/B&B
  • Youth Shelter
  • Data Analytics
  • Trinidadian Restaurant and Bar
  • Snow Toy
  • Veterans Employment Services

Classes started on September 16, 2021. The last class was held on November 17, 2021 and eleven (11) veterans successfully completed the course. One had to withdraw for personal reasons. Here are the business ventures of the graduates:

  • A.B Consulting LLC (X-Ray State Inspection)
  • WLD Partners LLC (Real Estate)
  • Competitive Educational Consulting
  • New U Temporary Hair Replacement (Barber/Cosmetology)
  • Pro-Team HVAC
  • Neighborhood Oasis (Spa/B&B)
  • Excelsior Solutions (Data Analytics)
  • Palance Roti Shop and Bar (Trinidadian Restaurant)
  • Snow Toy

The Graduation Ceremony was held on December 1, 2021 and included a Business Pitch Competition sponsored by Employ Prince George’s, Inc. Sean Andre Stephen, Owner of Palance Roti Shop and Bar, won the pitch competition and the $1,000.00 prize award.

Funding for this class provided by the following sponsors.

  • Employ Prince George’s, Inc.

Special Thanks to the Following:

Special thanks to the Employ Prince George’s, Inc., for donating the sponsorship funds for the Business Pitch Competition.

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