Post Graduation Stories

Enrique Young, Project Opportunity Columbia Maryland – Spring 2014 Class

I want to first Thank You for providing the opportunity to Veterans to embark on fulfilling their DREAMS of being an entrepreneur in whatever field of human endeavor they choose. The Project Opportunity course was invaluable and really set to the tone to where I am today in business. This class taught me a lot about myself both mentally and professionally. The structure of the course was organized and straight forward. It provided a great mix of business professionals to drive home the key concepts of the overall instruction. I must admit, when I first committed to my commitment I was a bit intimidated of all the topics covered in your syllabus. However, the instructors assured the class that if you stay the course you will be successful. I also appreciate the desire of the instructors to assist Veterans reach heights that they never imagined. 

So where am I today? The good news is through Project Opportunity I accomplished the first goal and key driver for success in any business- the business plan. I learned that without a map or a plan your business idea is lost. I also learned that once the plan is written you can always make adjustments or pivot towards your desired goals. I have taken the same plan created in Project Opportunity and now the proud owner of FEBA, INC dba: FEBA Security Services ( I am a subcontractor for a major security prime in the federal government space. I also signed my first contract on 4 May 2015, just eleven short months after enrolling in Project Opportunity and applying the principles you taught. I am forever grateful to be a student in your course. I hope other Veterans will experience the same success. I will never quit on my DREAMS!

Louston Fountain, Project Opportunity Eastern Shore of Maryland – 2012 Class

My name is Louston Fountain CEO of the Poetic Frame Company as well as Vice President of the Fountain and Sons Trucking Company. Both of these companies were just a dream in my head but thanks to the Project Opportunity Class they are both now a reality. Fountain and Sons Trucking Company, LLC was formed in 2013 after graduating from Project Opportunity.

I started out with one Dump truck and now I currently have two, a 1988 International and a 1998 Western Star. My company had a gross revenue of $75000.00 the first year and so far this year I will do about the same.

I put together a business plan for the poetic frame company because my true love is writing poetry. Its truly a gift from God. I love to inspire others that they might have a positive outlook on life as well as a concern for others. Although I put together an excellent business plan, I haven’t been dedicated in placing my product in stores, however I have my own website, I have more poems to add but since the site is new I’m trying to give it time.

I would like to thank Project Opportunity for teaching me how to write a business plan, how to research my target market as well as how to present my ideas to those who are interested in making money.

Thank you Joe, meeting you was truly a blessing

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