Project Opportunity partners with the VA Maryland Health Care System’s Vocational Rehabilitation Service. - June 9, 2017

To read the original article please click here to go to the Maryland VA Website. Project Opportunity recently partnered with the VA Maryland Health Care system and presented our 2017 Project Opportunity Graduation, Baltimore – Spring, for the first time in Baltimore, MD. The collaboration was funded by the VA Maryland Health Care System’s Mental Illness [.. Read more ..]

Project Opportunity gateway to veteran entrepreneurship - April 16, 2016

This story was written by Bobby Jones Staff Photojournalist for the Andrews Gazette, and originally appeared April 13th, 2016. This article is posted with permission and the original article can be read here: Andrew Gazette Joe Giordano is a dedicated veteran whose passion about helping his fellow comrade-in-arms resonates today the same as he was when [.. Read more ..]

Transforming Military Veterans into Successful Business Owners - March 17, 2016

An original copy of the press release can be downloaded here. Leonardtown, MD – Project Opportunity, a free entrepreneurship class for veterans, is returning to the Southern Maryland Region this spring, thanks to a partnership with the St. Mary’s County Office of Economic Development, the Calvert County Department of Economic Development, the Southern Region Small [.. Read more ..]

Program offers guidance to veterans who want to start a new business - August 12, 2015

This story originally appeared in the August 13 edition of the Laurel Star. is posted with permission and the original article can be read here: Tony Russon Digital Clips Military service can give a person access to as much self-knowledge as it can intellectual knowledge. Training teaches them a skill, but it also teaches a [.. Read more ..]

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